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The TDHI Graphic Card Unique service

In collaboration with the TDHI CREDIT CARD                    START 01 07 2023

We have been working on this idea for two years. The primary purpose is to make an essential service less expensive: the production of Ai professional files so that producers can evaluate the feasibility and can make proposals with costs, times and production methods, avoiding preliminary proposals often far from executive proposals. 


To evaluate the feasibility of a design and make proposals, it is necessary to have professional files. Our proposal allows you to obtain them by investing very little. 


Furthermore, the TDHI CREDIT CARD and the sector Divisions will provide all the services from the conception to the professional files to the production and consultancy to issue the best card. 


Our service is aimed at market makers in the sector, card producers and end customers who must issue the card. 


Our aim is to allow our partners and producers to have a solution to present to their potential customers to have cards conceived and designed by those who know all the production and issuance processes of a card. 

We are the only graphic designer in the world to have all services in house.

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